Barnett Padded Crossbow Case Hunting Archery 17083


The Barnett Crossbow Case offers portable protection for your frequently used hunting and target shooting accessories. Enjoy the convenience of transporting all of your supplies hands-free using this bag. The carrying strap is adjustable and is designed with an integrated shoulder pad. If you prefer to remove the strap, a pair of handles positioned on the side of the bag allows you to hold the crossbow storage case with ease. Two built-in outer pockets provide a location to stow your quiver, bolts, cocking device, wax or other smaller items. These handy pockets afford you an efficient hunting experience. The durable crossbow carrying case features a natural camouflage design with realistic tree and leaf images that act as well-disguised cover for your gear while you hide. The item’s main compartment has ample storage space, suitable for all Barnett crossbows and most others.


This large area is accessible via a side zipper that fully opens the top flap, permitting direct access to its contents. In addition, the Barnett crossbow case has soft, padded sides that allow comfortable and quiet carrying. <br> <br> <b>Barnett Crossbow Case:</b> <br><ul><li>Offers protection for your crossbow</li><li>Easy access to your hunting accessories</li><li>Soft-side crossbow storage case is made for comfort while carrying</li></ul>


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