Barnett Crossbows 16043 Barnett Cobra Slingshot


For the select few willing to invest the time necessary to master them, weapons like the 16043 Barnett Cobra Slingshot are among the most accurate and effective hunting tools available. This slingshot is easy to deploy in almost any weather, and it’s also well-suited for shooting displays, target practice, and other controlled events. Each Barnett slingshot features a front stabilizer that keeps it almost rock steady during use, and an advanced sight system that lets shooters zero in on the target at almost any distance. The slingshot also features a detachable and extended wrist brace, for even more stability and strength where it’s needed most. Its magnum power bands launch the projectile at maximum velocity with minimum force, and its contoured soft touch grip conforms to the shape of the shooter’s fingers to ease hand and arm strain. This hunting slingshot has an intuitive pistol grip design, which makes it very easy to use.

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Each slingshot comes complete with a fully illustrated instructional guide.<br><strong><br>Barnett 16043 Cobra Slingshot:</strong><ul><li>Front stabilizer and sight system</li><li>Barnett slingshot features an extended and detachable wrist brace</li><li>Magnum power bands</li><li>Contoured soft touch grip</li><li>Hunting slingshot includes a full shooting guide</li></ul>


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