Mountain House Freeze Dried Breakfast Skillet Can


Mmm, Mountain House Breakfast Skillet, With this large can of Breakfast Skillet, you can feed a herd of hungry humans or can have a whole bunch just to yourself. Made with delicious hashbrowns, scrambled eggs, peppers, onions and pork patty crumble this is a must have for your emergency food storage. Even if that emergency is that you’re not currently eating Breakfast Skillet.

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<br><b>Mountain House Freeze Dried Breakfast Skillet Can:</b><ul><li>Hash browns, scrambled eggs, crumbled pork patty, peppers and onions for breakfast</li><li>Just Add Water</li><li>Quick Prep: Less Than 10 Minutes</li><li>No Cleanup</li><li>Ten 1-Cup Servings</li></ul>


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