Emergency Essentials Improved MRE 72-Hour Food and Water Supply, 70 pc


Emergency essentials is known for excellent quality, flavor, value and long-term shelf life. This 72-hour food & water supply contains enough delicious meals and water for one person for three days. This supply provides a prepackaged, assorted variety of satisfying main dish entrees, MRE heaters, sides dish entrees, desserts, bread/crackers, peanut butter, jam, cheese, drinks mixes, hard candy and utensils for added convenience. Originally designed for the U.S. military MREs are precooked and can be eaten cold or heated. Included MRE heater is a simple way to heat up your meal so you can enjoy a hot entree anytime. Each 72 hour supply of food and water contains : 9) MRE heaters, 9) main dish entrees, 6) side dish entrees, 6) desserts, 3) drink mixes, 18) water pouches (4.2 oz each), 3) bread, 2) peanut butter, 1) jam, 1) cheese spread, 3) candy, 9) accessory packets (napkin, spork, salt/pepper).

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<strong>Emergency Essentials Improved MRE 72-Hour Food and Water Supply:</strong><br><ul class="noindent"><li>Convenient, flavorful and versatile</li><li>Prepared and packaged for long-term storage</li><li>Up to a seven-year shelf life, or longer, if stored cool and dry</li></ul>


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