Augason Farms Lunch & Dinner Emergency Food Supply, 128.23 oz


<p>Be prepared to feed your family in an emergency with this Augason Farms Emergency Food Supply, 128.23 oz. This container comes complete with 94.5 servings in 12 pouches. All of the included Augason Farms food product is easy to prepare: simply add water. This food also has a shelf life of 20 years, so it will remain safe to keep and use for a long time. This emergency food pack comes with mixes to make a variety of dishes, such as vegetable stew, macaroni, instant potatoes and chicken soup.</p>

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<b>Augason Farms Lunch and Dinner Emergency Food Supply, 128.23 oz:</b><ul><li>94.5 servings in 12 pouches</li><li>All the food in this container has a 20-year shelf life</li><li>17,110 calories total</li><li>Just add water</li><li>Great-tasting food</li><li>This container includes:<ul><li>5 servings beef stroganoff</li><li>9 servings vegetarian meat-substitute beef (flavored)</li><li>7.5 servings macaroni</li><li>15 servings cheese powder</li><li>6 servings creamy potato soup mix</li><li>6 servings cheesy broccoli rice</li><li>4 servings pasta Alfredo</li><li>7.5 servings instant potatoes</li><li>7.5 servings creamy chicken rice</li><li>9 servings instant white rice</li><li>6 servings hearty vegetable chicken soup mix</li><li>12 servings vegetable stew blend</li></ul></li></ul>


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